Salvus Digital

A communication and appointment module tailored to pharmacists that makes the provision of patient-oriented services efficient, personal and customer-oriented.

The basic software toolset to offer new services to your customers

Digital accessibility allows you to be there at more times
for your customers and thus to be a partner in life for them.

Show what services your pharmacy offers and let customers book them themselves

Medication review

Smoke Stop

GGG Asthma

Covid Tests

Group info session

(and so much more)

Manage your calendar

Set which appointments can be booked and when, and manage them in a convenient platform. No limits on the number of appointments or bookings, but fully integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook.

Automate the follow-up with your customers

Send a questionnaire before the appointment, remind the client
the day before or share information after the
call. Follow it all up via one patient profile.

(under development)

Fully GDPR compliant

Record the customer's consent to share advice
so that the pharmacist can continue to provide pharmaceutical care outside the pharmacy

Yes, I want advice
from my pharmacist

Trusted by
+50 pharmacies

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